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The Shipour Institute, the forerunner and leader in the areas of integrating, implementing and promoting employability in Israel, was founded in 1987 by Dr. Rafi and Menucha Gelbart, and focuses on the development and advancement of both organizations and individuals in the labor market. The staff at the Institute counsels and assists managers and employees who are in a process of job change. They also develop career options for employees at other companies and help integrate fired workers back into the workforce.

The Institute's operations are based on a wide-range of experience and updated research. In addition, we have a multi-faceted, professional staff who share common values: decency, innovativeness, professionalism, belief in the power of the individual, mutual accountability, and providing reliable and highly competent service to our customers.

We offer:
  • Counseling and advising organizations and businesses: Managerial promotions; supervising outempoyment processing; preparing employers and employees for retirement; professional consultations and career counseling.
  • Counseling and guiding job seekers; pre-training counseling; career counseling.
  • Workshops on how to prepare for a job interview; evaluation centers; guidance in writing C.V.; career managing.
  • In- house training for managers and employees in public institutions, organizations and government ministries.
  • Courses training for vocational skills; managing projects; moderating and guiding groups; marketing management.
  • Academic instruction in colleges and other academic institutions; accredited in-service courses recognized for salary increase.


The Program
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