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The Shipour Institute offers and runs unique projects for integrating individuals into the workforce. These unique models, based on intensive studies in the field, have shown long-term effectiveness, and are assessed by renowned research institutes. The inimitable approach of the Shipour Institute in motivating individuals to work, and motivating organizations to change, is deeply rooted in its humanistic values and outlook. Further, it heavily emphasizes the educational tenet that every person has the right to believe in himself and actualize his own potential. We succeed in motivating individuals by imparting knowledge and insights, together with the appropriate tools, which will enable them to find by themselves the work which is most suitable to their own needs and inclinations.

We also guide organizations in how to re-think their methods and bring them up to date, with today's age of constant changes. Organizations will be enhanced by the realization that the contemporary worker is considered a human asset, and tapping his potential will empower the companies and enable them to better contribute to the Israeli society.

The combination of professionalism and over twenty-five years of successful experience in the field, together with developments and research findings, enable us, at the Institute, to impact, initiate and apply varied and effective programs for augmenting employability throughout Israel.
  • Empowerment – the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
  • Employment and job seeking for new immigrants.
  • Workshops for students.
  • "Chance" - employment capabilities.
  • Re-employment for the 60+ agers.
  • Empowerment workshops for IDF soldiers completing service.
  • Empowerment in centers for violence prevention.
  • Training employees of Government Occupational Services.
  • Developing experiential projects for the Druze community.


The Program
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