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The Program
With the recent increase of longevity , the number of those aged over sixty has climbed. Many of them are strong and capable, with high employment potential and willingness to continue and contribute their knowledge and expertise to society. Also, there are employees or self-employed individuals who quit working without having a substantial pension fund and others would be happy to be re-employed if the terms of their pension fund permitted it.

These potential employees, who currently are prevented from re-employment, are really needed to enhance our economy, but because of taxes, labor legislation and regulations, they cannot be re-integrated into the workforce. Instead of being contributors, they become a burden to their families and/or the welfare department.

Our program aims at re-integrating the 60+ agers back into the job market as salesmen, junior administrators or business start-ups, by developing the proper insights and upgrading their technological and professional skills. The program familiarizes the participants with the updated labor market demands and constraints, and assists them in developing the proper technological, behavioral and other necessary skills required in today's workforce.

The program includes group sessions, as well as developing and consolidating new ideas for a third career, be it as employees or self-employed. We personally escort and coach each participant throughout the process of job-seeking. We also constantly re-assess the personal and group needs as we encounter them in real-life situations throughout the training program. In addition, the Institute's staff is available and accessible for any further personal assistance while participating in the program and even after the participant has been successfully re-employed.

Many of the program's graduates can attest to its success, as they provide the example and the proof that, with proper guidance, the 60+ agers can use their honed qualifications, skills and expertise, which they have gained in their many previous years of work, in their new positions of responsibility in organizations and business enterprises.

This trend is becoming more and more popular in the Israeli workforce, and it is, therefore, important to impart this information to those in the age brackets of 55, 60 and 70 years old , who are interested in furthering their professional options yet are apprehensive of their chances of being re-employed. This program can definitely be their road to success.


The Program
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