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The Shipour Institute boasts a multi-faceted staff members, all of whom are university graduates with a Masters or Phd. degrees. There are vocational and social psychologists, social workers, experts in education, vocational and personal coaches, as well as experts in training. They join forces and collaborate with economists, workforce researchers, and management and industry engineers, in order to best augment and promote employability in Israel.

Dr. Rafi Gelbart , Academic Director
Earned his Ph.d in Analysis and Applied Vocational and Social Policies from Brandeis University, Boston, and M.A. in Education and Public Management from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. As head of the Institute, Rafi, who used to serve as the Deputy Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, currently conducts research in developing and applying programs and models for promoting employability and upgrading organizations. He is also a university professor, giving courses in the fields of strategy planning, managing entrepreneurship and business start-ups, tools for networking and integrating individuals and communities into the labor market, and career management.

Menucha Gelbard, General Manager
Graduated with an M.A. in Human Resources Management from Derby University, England, and a B.A. from Beit Berl College and the Hebrew University. In addition to managing the Institute, Menucha, who used to serve as the Inspector of Occupational Management in the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, also works in applying special models for the integration of various communities and sectors in the workforce in Israel. She also develops programs for improving vocational skills, personal empowerment and job-seeking and career enhancement. For the past thirty years, since 1987, Menucha has been supervising staffs of moderators and facilitators, as well as serving as a senior lecturer in workshops for job-seekers and entrepreneurs in the various sectors in Israel.

Dr. Ohala Avinir, Director of Training Programs, Evaluator and Senior Moderator.
Earned her Ph.d in Negotiation Management, and M.A. cum laude in Social Psychology and Sociology from Bar- Ilan University. Ohala is a lecturer in universities and colleges and supervises the domain of training facilitators and moderators. She has served as a moderator in programs of employment integration and personal coaching for over fifteen years, and also works in developing unique programs for training group moderators, placement consultants, staff leaders, tutors and managers.

Tamara Gitmansky, Projects Manager and Senior Moderator
Graduated with an MSc. in Management and Industrial Studies. In addition to her being a senior moderator in several workshops, Tamara, who has a rich experience of over eighteen years administering and running the Institute's program, is currently the senior moderator and director of courses of projects management. She is an expert in the field of integrating various sectors of the Israeli population into the job market, in addition to moderating and lecturing in courses in the fields of operational management, career development and developing managerial skills. She also gives consultations for upgrading performance in organizations and helping senior managers navigate their first term in office.

Sinaya Levy, Senior Moderator and Marketing Counselor.
Graduated with an M.B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing from New York Institute of Technology in New York, and a B.A in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University. She is a lecturer in the field of business entrepreneurship, as well as marketing and sales promotion and management. She has a rich experience in developing programs for training, counseling and personal coaching. Sinaya moderates groups for career enhancement, personal empowerment, interpersonal communication, coping with changes, personal effectiveness and personal time-management.

Ayelet Cohen, Senior Moderator
Graduated with an M.B.A. in Marketing and Business Administration from Manchester University, England, and a B.A. in Education Administration from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Ayelet is the moderator and facilitator in the fields of marketing and sales promotion, customer service, career enhancement, job seeking, networking and developing personal work skills. She has a rich experience working with weaker ethnic communities who need coaching in navigating the labor market. She is also highly experienced in planning vocational consultations and offering personal guidance and counseling.

Dr. Yaakov Ben-Ami, Lecturer and Senior Moderator
Earned his Ph.d in Economics and Management, and graduated with an M.A. in Business Administration from Tel-Aviv university. He is an expert in the fields of global management, business planning and administration, strategy management and business entrepreneurship. Dr. Ben-Ami, who used to serve as the chairman of The Business Development Center in Israel, is currently an international advisor for business strategy, in addition to his role in the Institute as a mentor and lecturer for new immigrants in the field of business start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Nassarin Shami, Moderator
Graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies from Haifa University. She also graduated several courses in human resources management, organizational moderating and group facilitators in the post-graduate programs in Haifa University. Nassarin mentors and moderates workshops for personal empowerment , networking and job seeking.


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